September Schedule

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10:30a Zumba® - Jatrine
6:30p Ja'Makin Me Burn: Circuit Training - Jessi
7:30p Zumba®  - Jatrine


6:30p Ja'Makin Me Burn: Circuit Training - Kelly
weights needed
7:30p Ja'Makin Me Jam (Hip Hop Fitness) - Steven


10:30a Zumba® - Jatrine
7:00p Power Yoga - Aimee
8:00p Ja'Makin Me Zen (PJ Yoga) - Aimee
mat and blanket needed


6:30p Ja'Makin Me Burn - Jatrine
7:30p Zumba® + Ja'Makin Me Dance - Jatrine


9:00a Ja'Makin Me Zen (Yoga) - Aimee
must pre-register

10:00a  - Rotate
10/6, 10/20 - Zumba® + Ja'Makin Me Jam - Jatrine
10/13, 10/27 - Bollywood - Mili


  • Butogwa Tiagha

    In one word "Godsent". What you get at Ja'Makin Me Dance is a unique blend of fitness, huge dose of positive energy, support, healthy living education, opportunities for community outreach, and let's face it lots of giggles. It offers a variety of passionate instructors that Read More
  • Jeremie Barlow

    This is truly my happy place. It has taken me months to figure out what to say here. I am a soccer player not a dancer. But with this group and the amazing instructors I have learned that dancing is like a spa for my Read More
  • Beth Willis

    A fun, energetic, and positive atmosphere that will inspire you to be the best you possible.
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