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Ja'Makin Me Dance

ATT00056Ja'Makin Me Dance: This is a HIGH intensity NON stop HOT HOT HOT class. We’ll get sweaty to Dancehall, Soca, AND Reggae. YOU READY?! YEAH MON!!!!! 




mixxedfit logoMixxedFit: is a HIGH intensity dance fitness classs with toning and strength moves




Bollywood BabesBollywood: This is a HIGH intensity dance fitness class that uses Bollywood (Hindi language film music from India) music. The dancing style includes classical Indian dance and freestyle, with a lot of hip thrusts and body rolls, and beautifully coordinated arm and leg movements for a fun full body workout. Bollywood is perfect if you are looking for something new and exciting to add to your regular workout routine.

Cardio Funk

mon pm classCardio Funk: is a HIGH intensity dance fitness class that will have you getting DOWN to the hottest pop songs being played on the radio.


Ja’Makin Me Burn:Circuit Training

728Ja’Makin Me Burn-Circuit Training: A combination of circuit and strength training, you'll using a combination of body weight exercises, hand weights, resistance bands and more all designed to work your entire body. You will feel the BURN and love it!



Ja'Makin Me Burn: Strength Training

BurnJa'Makin Me Burn-Strength Training: Strength and toning classes that target your arms, abs, glutes, thighs and more. Your muscles will be pushed to the max. However, you will have have so much fun, it won't even feel like work. Bring your hand weights.



Zumba LogoZumba®: a dance fitness class done to Latin and International music. Zumba® IS THE BRAIN-CHILD OF BETO PEREZ a Columbian born choreographer and fitness guru. He has a PASSION for dance fitness! For more information about Zumba visit