Join us for a relaxing, rejuvenating meditation experience in an aerial hammock!

Aerial Yoga Meditation Sessions 


Aerial Mediation

Come have a peaceful, guided meditative experience in one of our beautiful silk aerial yoga hammocks.

Requirement? The ability to simply lie relatively still, breathe and let go. Your entire body weight will be supported by the hammock. 

WHEN will sessions be offered?
SESSIONS are offered weekly:
Sundays 6:30pm
Wednesdays 6:45pm

WHAT can I expect?
Each 30 minute session will include a guided meditation and inspirational reading followed by a period of relaxation where you can remain in a restorative posture (savasana) or perhaps take time for silent meditation, reflection and breathing exercises. Suspended in a beautiful silk yoga hammock, you'll be lead on an inner journey to include meditation and yoga based relaxation techniques.

HOW much are the sessions? ONLY: $5 per session. 
HOWEVER - Pre-payment and registration are required to hold your spot/hammock.

I'm READY to sign up. WHAT do I do?

1)  Click here to register for Sundays Sessions  OR
     Click here to register for Wednesday Sessions
2) You may pay at the studio during studio hours 


How do I prepare?
Just come willing to quiet your mind, focus on your breath and relax. We will take care of the rest.

I think this class would be GREAT for my kids/teens can they come?
Yes providing they can lie quietly in their own hammock throughout the session. Sessions most appropriate for children ages 10 and up. 

What should I bring/wear?
Feel free to bring a pillow, blanket, socks - anything that will make you comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing - PJ's are welcome. :-) 

NOTE: Please refrain from wearing fragrances, body oils, lotions and/or creams to the meditation sessions as they can damage the hammock fabric. If you are wearing accesories that might snag the hammocks we will provide you with a personal jewlery box to store them in while you're in the hammock.